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About Me

There are three major elements which direct my creativity. I find EMOTION to be the driving essence that inspires many creations. Within my work I often attempt to convey emotion by literally turning this intangible element into a visible description. MYSTERY, the counterpart to my curious & analytical nature, is the bountiful source from which my imagination extracts ideas. My intrigue with obscure topics - death, dreams, the vastness & foreignness of abstrusities & undefined concepts - may too reflect in my paintings. I also tend to incorporate the dualistic nature of the universe within my art. I like to emphasize contrasts, embodying both the YIN & the YANG.

A Bit of History

Tima née Christina Peck, has explored art continually throughout her life. Over the years she has found her strongest voice within oil painting & mixed-media though continues to work in other mediums such as photography, fashion, & different forms of writing. See her blog at timachristina.tumblr.com

Work Experience

Tima has shown her work in numerous
galleries all over Los Angeles, as well
as the East Coast. She also has one year
curatorial experience under her belt.
For details on which shows and galleries
please download her resume, which also
includes her awards, publications, and
other experience.
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